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Clinical Research Organisations demand the highest quality specialists & professional Imaging support services. Choice TeleRadiology provide high quality Specialist UK Consultant Radiologists and Imaging support for Clinical Trials.

All our Consultants are GMC, UK based Radiologists who are expert, award winning specialists in their field, with extensive experience with research and publications. Trials reporting includes Phase I-III Clinical Trials and Class I, II, III Medical Device Trials.

UK Radiology reporting is of the highest standard in the world and our Specialist UK Consultants report internationally via our international Telehealth platforms.

Choice TeleRadiology are unique in priding themselves on providing only the best Radiologists that are demanded by the highest standards of Trials reporting providing single, double, and adjudication reviews.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your Trial requirements directly with our Medical Director.

About Us

Choice Teleradiology is the specialist provider of teleradiology solutions for UK radiology reporting. We are UK based and can give you access to the best consultants who work in the British Healthcare system for your clients.

At Choice, we fully understand the need for Patient Identifiable Data security and treat it as a top priority. Our Tier 3 secure data centre complies to the highest levels of data security in the UK. Your data is encrypted immediately upon upload prior to data transfer. Please contact us for a copy of our security policy documents and FAQs about our service.

Choice Clinical Trials

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