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Choice TeleDerm only work with UK based Consultant Dermatologists with extensive experience. All our Consultants are GMC registered and work in the UK NHS.

Simply take two pictures of your skin problem, upload the images with a description of your symptoms and securely send to us (we will provide a secure portal to upload to, please contact for more details).

The more information you can provide in the study description and/or clinical details, the better it will be for our Consultant, and hence a more detailed report for you.

We will have a UK Consultant Dermatologist review your case and report back with a professional opinion promptly.


Once the report is available you will receive an email alert and a link to access the report (we will not mail the report direct to you for Information Governance and personal ID security reasons). Instead, you will securely log on to our dedicated portal and use the email address and password you create when beginning the process (which begins by clicking the 'Upload' button to the right of here).

At all stages of the upload process we will walk you through every step, so you can make an informed choice. We can also advise on further course treatment of care.

Terms & Conditions for use of this service is available at the bottom of this page.


About Us

Choice TeleDerm is part of the Choice TeleMed Group and is a provider of dermatology solutions from the UK. We are UK based and can give you access to the best consultants who work in the British Healthcare system for your clients.

At Choice, we fully understand the need for patient confidentiality and treat Identifiable Data security as a top priority. Our Tier 3 secure data centre complies to the highest levels of data security in the UK. Your data is encrypted immediately upon upload prior to data transfer. Please contact us for a copy of our security policy documents and FAQs about our service.

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